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CNN Interviews Mark Shander
Mark Shander Helps Launch National MusicChannel services and TV-61 in Phoenix
FOX 10 News Interviews Mark Shander

Shander discusses violence in computer and video games from the E3 Show in Atlanta, on CNN.

Shander serves as voice/video production talent, helps develop TV-61, Arizona's first Low Power TV station, creating syndicated national programming.

Shander promotes local Internet and entertainment software development businesses on the Phoenix FOX-TV affiliate.

  • Shander Facilitates Monthly Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) Sales & Marketing Group Meetings
  • Shander co-hosts the Arizona Technology Council's Tech Talk Radio Show
  • Shander is a Columnist for Radio Guide Magazine - View a Sample Column HERE
  • Shander is Contributing Editor at The Broadcaster's Desktop Resource - View his Latest Column HERE
  • Shander is a member of the Internet Press Guild (Updating Link)
  • Shander Moderates The American Broadcasting
    & Streaming Media
  • The Business Journal uses Shander for Broadcast Industry Quotes
  • Shander Blogs at Dr. Dobb's Develop In The Cloud
  • Shander is Former Executive Producer at NBC 1260/96.1 FM and is working on a DTV network for Veterans and Special Needs Chidren
  • Shander is an Internet Broadcast Pioneer, among the first to broadcast live on the air in Phoenix and simulcasted to over a dozen high-profile game industry Web sites using RealAudio 1.0 including PCGamer, Computer Gaming World (Ziff Davis), HappyPuppy Games, and Gamasutra.
Mark Chandler Chamber

Shander leads technology business workshops for, and accepts award from, the Chandler Chamber of Commerce for Community Involvement on behalf of Verizon Wireless as Manager, Arizona Business Sales Channel


Shander Radio

Nationally Syndicated Package

Shander Radio - Weekly BizTech Radio Block:

Tech Talk - Arizona Technology Council's Radio Show
Mark Shander and Ron Schott Co-Host

"Shander Radio For Kids" (2 Hours) - "The Mark Shander Show" (2 Hours)
"MBO Business Radio" (1 Hour) - "Healthy Eyes" (1 Hour)

HEALTHY EYES - MAY 26th 2012
Dry Eyes - You'll Laugh Until You Cry!

HEALTHY EYES - May 19th 2012
Dry Eyes - Transistions Polarizing Lenses Trunk Live Event

HEALTHY EYES - March 3rd, 2012
Cataract Surgery

HEALTHY EYES - February 18th 2012
Live on Location at the Macular Degeneration Symposium

Former Executive Producer of Weekend Programming,
Entertaining Talkshows, Commercials and PSA's
Broadcast Syndication, Podcasts, RSS Syndication, TV, on-demand IPTV & Mobile Device Delivery


Share Your Medical, Business or Technical Expertise
Mark is searching for guests, sponsors, and a few hosts for new, innovative talk radio programs that provide entertaining weekend listening for the Phoenix Terrestrial and Digital broadcast market.

Mark has been on the air and/or a former Executive Producer or behind the scenes in an operations capacity for radio stations in the USA that include NBC1260/96.1FM, NABC Radio Network 1100AM KFNX, WALE-AM Rhode Island, 910-AM KFYI, KFNN 1510-AM, and several others, including a number of FM radio stations TV stations. He served for 5 years at ABC-15 in Phoenix, helping to put the station's first newscast on the air, backing up the newsroom computer specialist, editing programs, shooting commercials and promos, as well as running audio for the newscast. Mark was also Acting Production Manager for TV-61/The MusicChannel, Arizona's first Low Power TV station, which programmed 8 hours of music videos per day nationally on cable TV via satellite, which Mark also Executive Produced and corrective edited.

If you enjoy sharing subject matter you're passionate about, if you are fun and entertaining to listen to, and if you have expertise in your field, please contact Mark regarding the possibility of appearing on a future broadcast program currently in development for the digital and terrestrial live and on-demand broadcast markets.

Contact nbc.radio.host.mark@shander.com
(480) 270-4375

***Note: Remember all of those little animated GIF's with construction women and men working, with "Under Construction" on a Web page that's being updated? Have you noticed that this Website is intentionally like 1995-2000 never ended? More Changes are
just around the corner - stay tuned!!***


It sounds unfocused, but it's actually the reverse! In today's digital world of converged media, there has never been more value in people with diverse backgrounds, as I have. Please contact me for innovative and creative radio, TV, digital, streaming and live media production, writing, producing and distribution, as well as live promotional and entertainment and business events. I've done all of this successfully, with a little help (a LOT!) from good friends!

Examples over the years coming here shortly! :-)


Funny 1260 LogoNow THAT'S FUNNY!!!  :-)   HA-HA-HA!!!Oldies 97.3 Logo
Mark Shander, Executive Producer
Contact nbc.radio.host.mark@shander.com
(480) 270-4375

If you own or manage a business and you would like to reach residents and visitors in The Valley Of The Sun:

eMail me or call to level your competitve playing field,
whether or not you are near our football stadium!

Find out about innovative promotions listeners respond to!

Radio gets great results! Especially when tied into social media and digital media campaigns, and even on its own! It's very cost-effective!

People do business with people they like, and radio helps set expectations and perceptions! Give your business the same marketing advantages that your corporate competitors have! Focus your "marketing spend" where you do business - right here, locally, where your customers reside!

Mark Shander, Executive Producer
Contact nbc.radio.host.mark@shander.com
(480) 270-4375


NBC1260 Logo

MBO Business Radio
Formerly Heard
Saturdays 1PM-2PM
"Healthy Eyes Radio Show"
Formerly Heard
Saturdays 2PM-3PM
Mark Shander, Executive Producer

Host, "The Mark Shander Show"
Formerly heard on Hot Talk 1100AM KFNX
Sample Show:
"POSTAL" PC Game Developers UNEXPECTEDLY MEET Mark's Guest from Parents of Murdered Children and "MINE"
(Murder Is Not Entertainment) [CLICK FOR PROMO]

MBO Business Radio Promo Coming Soon
(Daily Radio Promo on NBC 1260/96.1FM)

HEALTHY EYES Season 2: 2-minute Syndication Promo

HEALTHY EYES Radio 30-Second Promo
(Daily Radio Promo on NBC 1260/96.1FM)

Shander Commercial Production/Writing/Voice Sample
(Greek Festival Tempe Town Lake 2011)

Shander Radio For Kids Promo mp3
(Fast Times Parody, Celebrity Voice Impersonated)

Shander Radio For Kids Samples:
Sample 1
- Sample 2

Peter Pan Radio
Peter Pan Radio with Host Mark Shander

NBC 1260 Executive Producer Mark Shander on-the-air


"Thank You For Listening!"

With an 80-lb. weight loss through the personal training efforts of his daughter and son, as well as a healthy diet, Mark Shander now helps businesses run better, and serves as Executive Producer for programming originating LIVE at NBC 1260/96.1FM
Photo Taken November 5th, 2011

***UPDATE November 29th 2013 - The weight loss is now 110 pounds. Thanks to the support of my family and friends.

***UPDATE October 20th 2014 - The weight loss is up to 130 pounds. Thank you family, friends and people I have been blessed to serve.

***UPDATE January 2 2015 - I hit a weight loss plateau for a few months that I have had a great deal of difficulty breaking through. It happens - your body adjusts and you have to change things up a bit. I'm changing the diet a little and changing how I work out at the gym a little to help get past the plateau and began losing slowly again.

***UPDATE January 20th 2015 - There's a hidden Easter Egg on the main Web page here at Shander.com - have you found it yet? People enjoy laughing and having a great time, and listeners to Today's Comedy 1260/96.1 appreciate and patronize sponsors that can laugh with them and help make them feel great fast. I like that even though I have just returned to the stations, and their format changed whiole I was gone, I'm still putting shows together like I used to on weekends, but now I'm able to do so much more with marketing, commercials, promotions, and special events to help drive people to your business, regardless of what or where your business is! Even national advertisers should call me - there are very cool, creative, innovative things we can do that other stations and marketing firms are not, and there are no limitations to what we can do together, except it has to be legal, in good taste (it doens't have to taste good) and be fun! Drop me a line or call me...your business' bottom line will thank you! (um...no snickering please!)

Radio Campaign Voiced, Produced, and Edited by Mark Shander
Airs in Phoenix on 9 AM & FM Stations April and October 2015

HDTV Spot Voiced, Produced, Shot and Edited by
Mark Shander Airs in Phoenix April and October 2015

Fan-Provided Bootleg Camera-Phone Pix
Shander Meets & Greets Video Game Fans
Autographs T-Shirts and Posters with Game Industry Vets
Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall, Don Bluth & Gary Goldman
(Dragon's Lair), Video Game Pianist Martin Leung
and 2 Mikes (fan camera phone photo above)
January 12th-13th, 2007 - VIDEO GAMES LIVE



With Mark Shander

Mark Shander hosts "The Computer Fun Shop" on 1510AM KFNN Mesa/Phoenix

Mark Shander hosts and syndicates "The Computer Fun Shop", live on 1510AM KFNN Mesa/Phoenix.

With a hat-tip to KPHO TV-5's Wallace & Ladmo, 5 "Shander Packs" are given away to callers during each show. The "Shander Packs" consist of games, prizes and other fun stuff donated by electronic entertainment industry software publishers and local and national businesses.

Guests were game developers and publishers, with a behind-the-scenes candid look at games in development. The content, and the "Shander Packs" were responsible for a constant flow of live callers, and an audience of 50-55,000 listeners per week. The program was also syndicated to 10 of the Internet's most popular game development and electronic entertainment industry Websites at the time, including PC Gamer, Happy Puppy Games and Gamasutra.

The games in the picture, Wacky Wheels and Raptor for the PC, were provided by FormGen, which was later acquired by GT Interactive.

Photo is courtesy of Fred Forino, Editor, Computer Buyer Magazine

Video above published by Moritz Jacob, a German electronic entertainment journalist and author, following an interview with Mark Shander in April, 2012 regarding the program.

Original game music custom created for Mark Shander and used for opens, closes and rejoins for The Computer Fun Shop was written, produced and performed by Steven Olenski.

Listen to exclusive behind-the-scenes game development news affecting the Electronic Entertainment Industry world-wide! Hear an example of game industry news broken first on Shander's show, The Computer Fun Shop! The show above was broadcast LIVE December 31st, 1995 on 1510 KFNN Radio in Phoenix.

Mark Shander produced and authored dozens of successful retail entertainment, health & fitness and business and technology DVD's,
including ESPN and Lifetime Network's fitness guru Denise Austin's first retail DVD hit title. In addition to setting up e-Commerce sites
for two prominent record labels, he produced and authored dozens of CD and DVD albums and music video compilations. He worked on
video reinforcement projects and concerts with Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Sheena Easton and other 80's and 90's popular entertainers,
and worked on remote sporting and news events for CNN, ESPN and other broadcast and cable television networks.


Updated 7-7-2015 - -This is Mark Shander, still a few years away from 20, in the production crew position of Character Generator Operator,
in this video screen capture from Freelance Videographer Denny Carr's ISO Camera 1, an Ikegami ITC-730A, a 3-tube Saticon™
video camera. Chip cameras were just becoming popular when this was shot, but these Iki's" made beautiful pictures. Mark
alternated crew positions this night between audio and CG operator, to TD (Switcher/Technical Director) and relief Director
when the Director needed a break. This was the production truck normally kept outside our offices in Scottsdale. Mark Hale
did our camera shading through our CCU's (camera control units) so switching between one camera to another looked seamless.

Backstage in Arizona Director Bryan Fails "punched up" the ISO Router on the Program Bus, and brought
Denny's camera "up on program". You can see the "Program" feed that's being recorded on Mark's monitor on the right -
it's a black and white monitor, though the program is being recorded in color. We're recording a few minutes of the
production crew at work behind the scenes for posterity, as Executive Producer and Host Joel Samuel and his co-host
Cindi Garrett prepare for their next act, having just spot-checked playback of the previous act, Walt Richardson and the
Morningstar Band. Producer Sydney Schoeneman has been timing each segment to make sure they fit their allotted spot.

Mark Shander is seen here in one of two production trucks owned by United Cable Teleproductions. Mark is employed full-time,
by United Cable TV as it's Programming Coordinator, reporting to the Production Manager, Bryan Fails. At the time United Cable TV is
Scottsdale Arizona's exclusive cable television provider. Data services connecting to PC's at home were available (stock, news, etc.)

Under General Manager Nancy Myers, the city's cable TV franchise is recognized as one of the most innovative technology
companies in the state. One of Ms. Myer's innovative business decisions was to bring the desirable music video programming
originating from Low Power TV station TV-61 in Phoenix to a United Cable TV Channel. Cable TV extended the range and coverage of a Low
Power TV station to reach an entire adjacent city, and the cable company provided equipment to receive and rebroadcast the signal
and deliver iit to both physical head ends feeding the cable system. TV-61 was also carried nationally on cable for 8 hours per day
Monday through Friday as "The MusicChannel" by the Satellite Program Network, which later became Tempo Television.

Nancy didn't tape-delay TV-61's programming - she knew that the excitement of live TV better served her customers, and
that's what she had her Chief Engineer, Ted Grycel and TV-61's Chief Engineer, Brent Brentlinger, set up for them. And United Cable
was the first cable TV company to air some of the most innovative programming, promotions, and commercials, many of which have
not been outdone today. By taking such innovative steps, Nancy Myers helped her customers, helped the station, which was a
minority/women owned business just getting started, and it helped her company serve her customers better at no additional charge,
an example of a win-win-win deal.

A third of Mark's time at United Cable was spent editing commercials and scheduling commercial pods to run spots as
required on CNN, ESPN, USA and MTV, and do reconciliation and make-goods.
Some time was used to program and update the system's
Texscan/MSI Flexicaster Character Generator so customers will have program guide services available. Mark was thrilled when, with Bryan's
support, Nancy Myers agreed to allow the switch to a more reliable automated system that permitted Mark to spend more time in
production, increasing the potential for revenue generation back into the cable system. Mark could then spend more than 75% of his time
directing, shooting and editing programming and commercials, including writing and selling at times. We all wore a lot of hats, even
Graphic Artist Robert "Bob" Casciato. Bob brought Mark coffee once the first day that Mark came to work to be nice. Mark tried ordering coffee
from Bob over and over again until finally Bob told him it wasn't part of the job of the Graphic Artist to get the Programming Coordinator coffee.

Joe Kubert

My Famous Uncle, Joe Kubert
Comic Book Artist, Graphic Novelist
Click for Jan. 2004 NBC 4 Appearance

Mark Shander and Gary Coleman
Mark Shander and Gary Coleman
May 30th 2004

Shander Volunteering  - Bell ringing  for Salvation Army
Mark Shander Volunteering
Bell ringing to help raise funds for the Salvation Army
December 11th, 2010


Shander on Business & Technology
April 20th, 2010

Enterprise and Small-Medium Business Solutions
For the Same Business Issue, Different Solutions May Be Best

A solution sale is something that utilizes a great deal of talent.

In addition to product knowledge, you really have to listen, and ask questions so you have enough information to be able to make an appropriate recommendation, or to provide your prospect with the most efficient, and the most effective solution options that accomplish their business and personal goals.

In telecommunications, for instance, there are many different solutions to the same challenges, or business needs.

For example, in the past, owning your own business phone system meant you had the option to purchase or lease.

With the advent of advances in technology, virtual solutions are now an option as well, and they're scalable, so they become an option for Small, Medium and Enterprise-level business users, even across multiple geographical work locations.

The best choice, however, isn't based solely on technology and hardware options - it's how solutions integrate into the way a prospect currently does business, and how implementation not only solves business issues, but adds productivity, potentially reduces cost over time, and helps increase profitability as a result.

With data solution sales, the choices for solving the same issue are numerous. Cost is always a concern, but so is redundancy, security and capital expenditure. How long is this solution expected to remain in place, and will the business grow in this, or additional geographical locations? Who are the customers of the business and where are they located? How do they connect to the business to communicate?

Sometimes ROI isn't always measured in currency. Sometimes it's added peace of mind, knowing your customers can always reach you, even when you're out of the office. It's important to always give your customers the perception you're able to be reached, even if they have to leave a message for you.

The bottom line is that serving your customers is a privilege, and a lot of trust is placed in you to make sure you're taking the very best care of them, just like the business was yours. A good sale is one that works for everyone, and is win-win-win - it's right for the customer, it's right for the company you work for that serves the customer, and it's right for you as a sales person as well. The more you know about your prospect's business, the better position you're in to be a valued trusted advisor.

Mark Shander
Talk Show Host/Trusted Business Advisor
Technology Journalist



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